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Houdouin de Mimeure (-after 1088). . The necrology of Maubuisson records the death " xiii Kal Nov " of " domina Aalipdis ducissa Brabancie mater domine Marieregina Francie " 445. . Betrothed (before Apr 1390) to jean de Bourbon, son of louis II "le Bon" Duc de Bourbon his wife Anne Dauphine d'Auvergne Ctss de Forez (Mar 1381-in prison London, bur Priory of Souvigny). . The marriage contract between Marguerite de Bourgongne fille. In addition, if it is correct that Giselbert's mother was the daughter of King Boson (see the document burgundian nobility she would have been her husband's first cousin, which seems unlikely to have been accepted by the church. . After the annulment of her fourth marriage, she became a nun at Fontevraud. . Regent of France 1408. .

Mistress (1) : catherine Schaers, daughter. Her birth date is estimated from the estimated birth date of her son in 960/62. . Duke Philippe III his third wife had three children:. . M (1487) lodewijk III van Vlaanderen Heer van Praet, son of lodewijk II van Vlaanderen Heer van Praet his wife Louise de Bruges (-).  The marriage contract between " Jean aisne fils du roy de France " and " Jeanne de Bouloigne comtesse de Bouloigne et dAuvergne " is dated 526. . The necrology of Auxerre cathedral records the death 23 Feb 963 of " Otto Burgundiæ Marchio " 114. Outre un dynamisme industriel dans les services et la pharmaceutique, l'économie de Copenhague est marquée par le développement des cleantechs, en lien avec l'objectif municipal de parvenir à la neutralité carbone d'ici 2025.

Sibylle de Bourgogne (1126-Salerno, bur Monastery of the Trinity de la Cava de Tirreni). . " Henricus Eduensis ecclesie presul " donated property to Grosbois abbey and founded an anniversary for " fratrisque sui Raimundi consulis " by charter dated witnessed by " Odo dux Burgundie, Maltrix mater eius " 262. . Regis ptem nostram Yolendim eius uxorem, filiam primogeniti filii nostri Odonis, and himself, ordered that Yolande be returned to her father until her husband was 21 years old by charter dated May. . The document does not name Isabelles father, but the date of her marriage indicates her birth in 1130/35, which suggests that she must have been the daughter of Comte Guillaume. . Père Anselme records the date and place of his birth, and his death mort jeune, without citing the corresponding primary source 594. . Odonis primogeniti mei quondam comitis Nivernensis, Ioannis quondam domini Borbonensis et Roberti filii mei, appointed dictum Robertum filium meum as his heir and listed all his castles 480. . He succeeded his brother in 1404 as leopold IV "der Stolze" Duke of Steiermark, and 1406 as Duke of Inner Austria. M firstly (973) as her second husband, gerberge, widow of adalberto II di Ivrea ex-King of Italy, daughter of - (945-11 Dec 987/91). . B)  son (1284-young). .

M (by proxy, in person Ghent ) as her second husband, marguerite de Flandre, widow of philippe I "de Rouvres" Duke of Burgundy, daughter of louis II "de Mâle" Count of Flanders his wife Marguerite de Brabant (Mâle, near Bruges 1350, chr -Arras. The testament of Hugo dux Burgundiæ, dated Sep 1272, bequeathed dowry for Margaretam filiam meam for her marriage to Ioanni filio annis comitis Burgundie domini Salinensis defuncti 474. . M thirdly (contract Kingston-upon-Thames, by proxy Brussels, in person Brussels ) margaret of York, daughter of richard Duke of York his wife Cecily Neville (Fotheringhay Castle -Mechelen 16 Apr or, bur Mechelen, Church of the Cordeliers). . The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the marriage in 1229 of " dux Hugo Burgundie " and " comitis Roberti di Brana filia " but does not name her 409. . A charter dated of " Ducem Burgundiæ Oddonem " restored property to Tournus abbey by " comitissa Cabillonensis filia Rotberti ducis after the death of " mariti sui Hugonis comitis adding that she subsequently became " Regina Galliciæ et Hispaniarum subscribed by " Rotberti avunculi. Dame de Molinot, by grant of her father as dowry, in return for her first husband transferring his rights to Vergy to her father. . His parentage is confirmed by two charters dated 1172/75 of " Galteriuslingonensis episcopus " which name " Hugonis ducis Burgundie nepotis mei the second of which also names " mater mea Mathildis ducissadominus Hugo frater meus " 321. . Jean bâtard de Bourgogne (Dijon 1404-Malines, bur Brussels Saint-Michel). . The date of the marriage is deduced from the charter, dated to 1034, which is subscribed by " Roberti ducis et uxoris sue under which " Gibuinus " confirmed a donation to Saint-Etienne de Dijon 152. .

Captain General of Hainaut. Après le, le système administratif du Danemark est modifié et les amter disparaissent et sont regroupés pour former des régions. Copenhague a un climat de type Cfb (océanique) avec comme record de chaleur 33,8 C le et comme record de froid 24,2 C le 26/1/1942. Seigneur de Bourbon 1262, in right of his wife. . The Chronicon Gaufredi Vosiensis names " Margarita filia Ducis Burgundiæ " as wife of " Guidonem Probem " 448. . Duke Philippe III had two illegitimate children by Mistress (3. Mistress (2) : isabeau de Pré, daughter. . The Iohannis de Thilrode Chronicon names " Yolandem filiam Odonis comites Nivernensis et viduam Iohannis filii Ludoviciregis Francie " as second wife of " Robertus primogenitus Guidonis et Mathilde " 426. . She ceded Limais to Hervé de Nevers in Jun 1210.

Benigni Divisionensis record the death in 1218 of " Oddo dux Burgundie cruce signatusfilius ducisse Lotoringie " 381. . He refused to do homage to Hugues III Duke of Burgundy, was defeated and imprisoned at Beaune in April. He presumably assumed the role of his brother Boson as missus in Italy in early 877, when the latter was recalled by Emperor Charles. . M (1102 or 1103) sibylle of Sicily, daughter of rogeount of Sicily his second wife Eremburge de Mortain. . À certains endroits, il n'y a que 10 m jusqu'au fond calcaire, ce qui posa d'importants problèmes lors de la construction des voies de métro. Marie bâtarde de Bourgogne (-after 1467). . M (1149) as his second wife, roger II King of Sicily, son of rogeount of Sicily his third wife Adelaida di Savona Monferrato (-Palermo, bur Palermo Cathedral).  He is omitted by Père Anselme 546. «Les usines fermaient les unes après les autres, et quand l'armée a décidé de déplacer sa flotte et ses arsenaux, 10 000 emplois ont disparu se souvient Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, maire de 1989 à 2004.


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He succeeded his father in 1188 as Comte de Dreux, de Braine et de Longueville. The necrology of Maubuisson records the death " VI Kal Aug " of " domina Blancha quondam comitissa de Sabaudia " 491. He became Comte de Troyes in 956 on the death of his father-in-law, by right of his wife. His father named him heir to the duchy of Burgundy in 1030. . Petit records dautres couches malheureuses, que la destruction des comptes dhôtel ne permet pas de fixer, se produisirent les années suivantes, suggesting that plusieurs de ces enfants reçurent la sépulture au Val-des-Choux, monastère voisin des résidences ducales ordinaires Aisey, Jugny, Villaines-en-Duesmois 537. The Chronicle of St Bèze records a donation by " Hugo dux Burgundiæ " signed by " Heinrici fratris ducis dated. Her second marriage date is estimated based on the likely estimated death date of her first husband in Nov/early Dec 1079 and her subscribing a document dated t Dueñas with her second husband 207. . Hugues de Bourgogne (1148-Acre, bur Abbaye de Cîteaux). . Comte d'Auxerre in 1040, when he conquered the county after Hugues Bishop of Auxerre died in 1039. . Vidéo amateur de sexe vidéos de sexe indien

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He was installed as eudes Duke of Burgundy in 960. Hugues "le Noir" (-17 Dec 952, bur Besançon). . He succeeded his father in 1143 as eudes II Duke of Burgundy. . The Chronicon Trenorciensi dejeuner rencontre a quebec meaux records that " Constantiæfilia Roberti Ducis " married firstly " Hugonis Cabilonensis Comitis " and secondly " Hispaniæ Rex Adefonsus " 202. . As mentioned below, it is likely that Duke Richard's son Gebuin was illegitimate. .